Sunday, 16 December 2012

Do not give in to the Dark Side.


Remember when Luke Skywalker stood before Darth and the Emperor?

He stopped fighting back and his father, moved by long dormant compassion, turned on the Emperor and Evil was defeated and furry creatures frolicked in the forests even as old Darth died.

Aslan, among others, did the same thing. Only Aslan was big on fighting and killing enemies but, as a lion, I assumed he was representing the Anima of our gods rather than the Id. Notwithstanding, the basic premise remains that when you are confronted by Evil, you should submit lest your righteous rage and anger turn you over to the dark side; that you cannot fight Evil without becoming Evil.

Think about it. After 9/11, America in a righteous rage, struck out against its enemies and thousands of innocents died. Evil won because a new cycle of Hate began and Hatred and Fear became National agendas leading us away from Peace and Reconciliation. We become the breeding grounds for another one of those epidemics of total insanity that litter our paths through history.

And no matter how often we try to justify it with rallies of ‘God’s on Side,’ or ‘Gott mit uns,’ it is always a total rejection of the basic principle of the Faiths we have professed since the Old Ways. But even then we shared a common longing that could only be sated by something greater than us to guide our way. A Force, or Deity, that demanded total fidelity and a rigid adherence to Principles.

And since the emergence of the monotheistic gods, we are expected to place our Trust in them and not give in to devils – internal and external. And to have faith in their mercy and wisdom.

And while there is some disagreement in the details, most of our Sacred Principles suggest that when we give in to Fear, our devils win.

Some suggest that when we honour our gods we are rewarded and when we displease them . . .  ya better watch out! Whether your god is stern or not, Hell beckons the untrue. Not surprisingly, many of us profess to be god fearing. Fear is a primeval motivator and is one of our assets as well as one of our greatest weaknesses. Fear is anti-faith. Fear delivers us to Evil. Grand stuff for Sundays, maybe, but what else makes sense anymore?

Too many of us, reasonable and well-meaning people for the most part, have become conditioned to fear and not without reason. Yet the stories of Luke, Christ, and Aslan, and others, all agree that the truly great did not use their power and were willing to succumb to Death rather than fight because to defeat Evil we must resist it and all its temptations; wealth, power, and all that makes us feared – or respected in the world.

There are those among us who spread fear for a multitude of reasons, some good some bad, and we have to learn to reject them and all gospels of hate. And we must do it soon because we are at the great crossroads the Mayans warned us of and because we cannot allow fear to spread and steal the last of our innocence.

Yes, some of us might still die at the hands of Evil but if we believe in a grander purpose – our sacrifice will be noble and righteous just like Principle suggests.

And this is not just a matter for Christians. Muslims and Jews, among others, have very strict commands from their gods: Thou Shalt not Kill, and all that.

In these shared Principles we were also warned against revenge – that it was the property of the gods, alone.

So what better time to reject Fear and Hate than now with the Holiday Season upon us – and the end of the Ancient Calendar?

Peace, Love and Joy are far better things than the madness of Strife, Hate and Fear and we have the free-will to make that choice.

It would be a wonderful holiday gift to the whole world and a beautiful legacy of those who have recently departed.