Friday, 25 February 2011

Working through check lists

My first novel, 'Lagan Love' is coming out in June. I thought I was finished working on it a few months ago, but every time I think I have time to work on my next one, something pops up. I'm not complaining or anything like that - just thinking about things.
Had some very pleasant exchanges with Dardis Clarke and Jonathan Williams - two honourable gentlemen who granted me permission to reproduce the work of Austin Clarke and Paddy Kavanagh, respectively. Thank you, gentlemen for your generosity and encouragement.
'Lagan Love' is a bittersweet love story - really! What other type of love is there?
Love, as a subject, fascinates and I have found little consensus as to what it really means. I want my characters to explore it and in my second novel, I intend to stretch out and try to find out a little more. Perhaps, before the end, I will understand. I have often been told that I am an old soul and have also been advised that I need to figure out the 'relationship' thing!
And you? What do you think about it?