Sunday, 13 May 2012

Do people who avoid the great Existential questions cease to exist?

Symbolically speaking, of course!

I was ‘thinking’ through a scene where a young idealistic priest tries to negotiate the case of the hapless Danny Boyle with two jaded Drug Squad officers.

I was thinking of Symbols and, as I enjoyed a nice little cigar, the Principals behind them. Yes, I do that!

I like to admire all the different ways we can interpret them, and how, when we have, we like to flock amongst like-minded. The Priest and the Detectives were not.

Clear symbols can be hugely important in life, like when trying to decide which washroom to go into at one of those very fancy restaurants, or foreign airports.

But the natural balances in the universe might dictate that we should not be rushing around airports – or anywhere really.

My point is there is huge value in actually learning something that is so obvious that it is usually overlooked.

I like logos but I doubt that everything can be represented by a single form. That would contradict everything we know about ourselves. The Good and the Bad. The Beautiful and the Ugly . . . you know?

That’s what I am trying to capture in a few lines.

And they have to be good enough to capture a moment’s attention in a very hectic world. And I would like the people who will read it, years from now, to stop and wonder about what a crazy time we live in.

Stop, slow down and take it easy for a moment and consider this:

Do people who avoid the great Existential questions cease to exist?