Tuesday, 21 February 2012

My Birthday Wishes:

Yes, another year has ticked away and, as is my habit, I look at what has changed and what remains the same.

I feel the same as I did as a younger man but I don’t look it. My wife tells me I look distinguished and I appreciate her for that. I think I look like some adult and I am not yet ready to see myself as that!

I maybe older but wiser?

A lot of things have happened since I was born – some good and some not so good.

The world outside is still warring with itself in the time honoured way of old savage tribes but I don’t believe that represents all that humanity is – it represents what happens when we trade out autonomy for inclusion in the herd. And, like now, when times are more daunting, we seek the security of the herd regardless of the cost.

As the years go by I find that I am less inclined to do that. Not because I am becoming more noble! I just cannot rationalise the harm we do each other anymore. We are better than we behave – I have to believe that!

So, for my birthday, my wish is that we all take a few moments today to reflect. Shut out all the noise and buzz and the yammering of the world and spend a few moments inside of yourself. Stop and look at where we are going and the cost of progresses and ambitions.

Life is a grand thing – all in all. Sweet and bitter, it is not about where you are going and how fast you can get there. I think it is about all of the great people you get to meet along the way. All the laughing and sharing of that which we all have inside of us.

I will spend the day with the little people in my head and, if I don’t waste the day, I will be closer to bringing their story out into the world.

That, I have decided, is the best thing I can do for you and me.

Best wishes for today and tomorrow!