Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The cover, front and back, done. √

Time to start feeling good about it all but, to be honest, I will feel better when I see it in someone’s hands. It’s been an interesting journey. Moments of joy, frustration, doubts that I could actually see in the faces around me – concern that I had gone mad. I had!
But it was a good kind of madness – the kind that gave birth to some very interesting characters (if I may say so myself), who insisted on getting themselves into all kinds of difficult situations with themselves and the undercurrents of fate, Yes, I believe in stuff like that – we all do but we call it different names.
The story is very dear to me but not about me. It is about people and places I knew back when I was young and unaware that nothing lasts forever. I was very young and foolish and kind people looked-out for me. Lagan Love is for them – the living and the dead.